Yates Family Reunion

at the

Winding River Ranch

Grand Lake, Colorado, July 2005


The Whole Bunch!

 plus Winding River Ranch Owner Elaine Busse, in purple, and her sidekick, John Wayne


Wendy, Suzie, Eddie & Kathy giddyup. . .

. . . down the WRR trail . . .

. . . on Pete, Cache, Chance and Hank




Aunt Dot and Eddie

Group ride along with the Ranch horses

Aunt Dot crossing the Colorado!


Aunt Jean and Uncle John

Amelia, Yuki, Dan

Norb has a soft spot for paints

Eddie:  "I've found a soul-mate."

Cache:  "I can do this in my sleep."

Jess and Karen


Michael:  "Mom, Dad, I'm moving out west."

Luke -- always nearby

Wes -- always underfoot

Ruth and Norb

Aunt Dot and Uncle Ed


Wes and Luke




Winding River Ranch


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